Good Breakfast

Monday 4 June 2012

It's Bank Holiday Monday so it means Papa E is off work today! Woot woot! Poj was happy to find his Ama when he came down for his breakfast. It threw him a bit but he was happy that he's home today.

In our quest to be better with our food, this is what we had for breakfast. We had sunny-side up cooked oil free in a non-stick pan and a slice of grilled turkey breast teamed up with coffee with skimmed milk and splenda.

On the week that we were off, we were so lazy that we ate out every single day. So it's only right to be better this week. We just hope that we are able to keep it up (i'll keep you posted, lol).

The day was uneventful and was spent indoors. It was good though to have the chance to Skype with my mom & dad coz they miss Poj loads. At syempre super aliw naman sila sa apo nila and panay ang parinig at tanong kung kelan daw kami uuwi... hay, kelan nga ba?

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  1. kelan nga ba sis Krizzy? it is really good to have at a day inside the house and just rest and have family are blessed to have them both sis Krizzy ;)